Creating a Provisioning File

What is a Provisioning File?

A provisioning file (.pvrc or .prvs) is a text file that can be generated to prefill the authorization information in the Software Authorization Wizard to save time by avoiding manual entry. It is a useful way to deploy licenses in large organizations.

  1. Sign into My Esri.

  2. Under My Organizations click on the Licensing tab and then Provisioning.

    Note: some functions shown above may not be available to the user because they do not have sufficient permissions.

  3. On the Provisioning page select the appropriate Product, Version and License type. Also, select whether you want to create a provisioning file for the core products only, core products and extensions or the extensions only. Click Apply to show the available licenses.

  4. Select the licenses you want to provision. For single use licenses use the tick boxes to select the licenses you want to provision.

    Tip: If you want to Select All of the extensions check the tick box next to allocate to Select All.

    If you are provisioning concurrent use licenses select the licenses you want to provision and also the number you want to allocate.

  5. Enter in the information for the person assigned to the license or fill in the information for yourself. Select a delivery option, either download or email. You can also add in some notes such as a machine ID. The delivery options will allow you to either email it to the person who is assigned the license, or if it is for yourself you can download it. Click Create File to create your provisioning file (.prvc or .prvs).

    Note: A .prvc file is for provisioning a single use license. A .prvs file is for provisioning concurrent use licenses.

  6. Once the file has been created you will be presented with instructions. Follow these instructions to authorize the software.