Geography Matters in every organization and every discipline. Let's take a deeper look at how GIS software helps people make better decisions and make a difference in our world.


GIS helps retailers, real estate professionals, insurers, and others to visualize, manage, and analyze any business asset.
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Defense & Intelligence

GIS plays an important role in assessing terrorist targets, battlefield planning, and military facilities management.
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GIS provides educators with tools to help students develop a greater understanding of our world.
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GIS helps governments increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve coordination, and deliver transparency and accountability.
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Health & Human Services

GIS helps health organizations leverage limited resources and positively impact individuals, families, and society.
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Mapping & Charting

GIS allows aeronautical, cartographic, and nautical organizations to implement an effective and efficient workflow.
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Natural Resources

Natural resource professionals rely on GIS to help make critical decisions as they manage the earth's resources.
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Public Safety

GIS gives public safety personnel the ability to visualize relationships and reveal trends critical to response and planning.
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Transportation professionals use GIS to help in managing, planning, evaluating, and maintaining transportation systems.
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