Get your operational picture in sync.

Successful military operations rely on integrated data provided in a comprehensive view. You can visualize information using Esri geospatial technology and give mission command real-time, location-based intelligence. Improve situational awareness and operational readiness by empowering commanders with better information, when and where they need it.

"We chose ArcGIS for our NATO on Duty web map application for public internet use because it offers the best and most efficient frameworks to ensure rapid and accurate development."

Pino Nobile, Geo Section Head at NATO headquarters



Use applications in the field to capture information for enhanced situational awareness and rapid response.


Connect with virtually any type of streaming data feed and transform your operational picture.


Maintain a broad operational view. Provide geography-based direction over assigned and attached forces to accomplish mission objectives.


ArcGIS Pro

The foundational platform for Esri’s geospatial solutions for the military, ArcGIS Pro provides the core technology to collect, process, exploit and share information, necessary for a variety of activities and missions. The platform also supports Esri’s software solutions developed for military and intelligence activities.

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ArcGIS for Defense

Create maps and related services for the visualization and analysis of the battlefield environment for land, maritime and domestic operations. Reports and intelligence feeds can be easily combined to visualize threats and respond to emerging situations.

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ArcGIS for Intelligence

Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating accurate, actionable information in a timely manner can make the difference between success and failure for your mission. With ArcGIS for Intelligence, you can manage source information and streamline workflows using templates to fuse intelligence reports and other intel feeds to visualize potential threats and maintain situational awareness.

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