Integrate geospatial capabilities for smart I&E management.

As an installation and environment (I&E) manager, you must manage and maintain a complex collection of facilities, lands, and services. Using Esri geospatial technology, you have a comprehensive view of all of these assets. In addition, you can access and analyze detailed information for maintenance and replacement purposes, which facilitates the annual budget review and approval process.

"GIS has given CPLOs an understanding of where incompatible development may impact the mission capabilities of an installation."

Amanda Smith, Navy Southeast Regional Community Planning and Liaison Officer



The effective design and management of facilities provide essential support for troop training, deployment, and administrative responsibilities.


Get detailed maps for planning, preparation, and command to safely secure operational facilities and the surrounding environment.


Use intuitive tools to integrate disparate data and allow easy maintenance and content standardization.


ArcGIS Pro

The foundational platform for Esri’s geospatial solutions for the military, ArcGIS Pro provides the core technology to collect, process, exploit and share information necessary for a variety of activities and missions. The platform also supports Esri’s software solutions developed for military and intelligence activities.

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Esri Production Mapping

The shared work environment capabilities of Esri Production Mapping allows you to improve the quality and value of your geospatial data and cartographic products. These improvements include standardization, repeatability, and the configuration of production processes.

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ArcGIS for Emergency Management

ArcGIS for Emergency Management enhances disaster mitigation and response for military installations. Using spatial analysis and visualization, build reports that can be continuously updated and customized for various stakeholders. Visualize threats and other situations for rapid decision-making.

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