How to Access Data

Ready-to-use maps and layers give more context and meaning to your data. ArcGIS Content is compiled from best-available sources including commercial vendors, open data sources, and Esri user organisations. Access ArcGIS Content as web services or delivered for you to use on premise.



On Premise

Built on relationships with top suppliers such as Ordnance Survey, HERE, TomTom, JBA and more, our on premise data products and solutions can provide your business with a bespoke data suite tailored to your business needs.


  • Advice from data experts to ensure your business is investing in the right solution for your requirements
  • Provided in an optimised value added, work ready format to suit your needs
  • Map documents (.mxd) provided with consistent cartography at all scales
  • Save time, cost and resources by removing data processing and conversion tasks
  • Single point of contact for your spatial data
  • Bespoke datasets can also be delivered via your ArcGIS Online account, providing a hybrid delivery solution

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Access high quality authoritative Ordnance Survey services which are dependable, scalable and instantly available for you to leverage in your organisation. Furthermore take advantage of additional on-demand datasets from a worldwide network of data providers.


  • Consistent cartography at all scales
  • Scalable
  • Managed content updates
  • Save time, cost and resources


    OS Online Services

    Accurate, high quality and reliable services created using Ordnance Survey Open and Premium data. Online Content Services offer data over the internet in a format that can be easily used within your desktop, mobile or web-based Esri GIS System and removes the burden of reference data management and maintenance.

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    Living Atlas

    The Living Atlas is ready-to-use global geographic information curated from content available in ArcGIS Online. Experience the benefit of on-demand access to valuable maps, data layers, tools, services, and apps to help you achieve your goals. Always changing and evolving, like our world, the Living Atlas contains information that impacts lives.

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    Open Data

    Explore 1,000’s of open data sets from organisations worldwide. Citizens, businesses and developers can begin to use open data sites to quickly access and download data in a variety of common formats: KML, Spreadsheet (CSV), Shapefile, GeoJSON and GeoServices.

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