About Landscape

Landscape data provides information on environments, both natural and man-made.

This data can be utilised in many applications including flood risk assessment, 3D visualisation and environmental analysis. It can also be exploited for an array of building purposes, including planning, building height analysis and line of sight.




  • Enables real-world modelling, for improved analysis
  • Property level risk analysis
  • Generate 3D models for visualisation and analysis


Terrain & Height

Terrain and Height data provides a new dimension to the understanding of environments. They can include detailed measurements of the ground, including height, objects and structure. Accuracy levels can range from a few metres down to approximately 10cm for LiDAR data.

OS Terrain 5
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OS Terrain 50
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LPS DTM Products

LiDAR Data


Bluesky 2m DSM and DTM



Environmental & Perils

Environmental data can provide information on natural conditions and perils. This data covers a large range of information, including subsidence, exposure and geology. Flood risk data can be provided, including coastal, river and surface water flooding. Utilisation of this data ranges from insurance risk management, building & land use planning and disaster prediction and management.

JBA Comprehensive Flood Map
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NSRI Natural Perils Directory
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BGS GeoSure

National Tree Map