Community Basemaps

Esri provides a full spectrum of ready-to-use, high-quality geospatial data for your GIS visualisation and analysis projects.  

Through Esri's Community Maps Program organisations can contribute local geographic content to become part of a community map that Esri publishes and hosts online.  Contributed data is integrated with data from other providers and then published through ArcGIS Online as a map service.

This program is available to any Esri user organisation and other geographic data providers interested in making their data content broadly available.


The primary focus of the Community Maps Program is on adding more detail and coverage to existing basemaps, including:

World Imagery

Global imagery map with high-resolution imagery in selected areas.
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World Street Map

Multi-scale street map useful for geocoding, routing, and other applications.
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World Topographic Map

Multi-scale basemap designed for use as a reference map or for GIS professionals to add.
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