Esri UK Free Online Services

Based on the Ordnance Survey’s Open Data offerings, Esri UK have created basemaps and locators which can be used throughout the ArcGIS Platform and are available in the default basemap gallery


There are five new GB basemaps. They are all designed to be used as background mapping, providing a seamless map view from national level to street level with a consistent style. The basemaps are hosted in ArcGIS Online and are available by default in your basemap gallery. 

If you want to add the maps to your custom basemap gallery or require access to the rest endpoints of the services then you can search for the basemaps individually in ArcGIS Online or use the UK Content app. The UK Content app will add all of the maps to your ArcGIS Online account into a group where you can share them and easily find the individual URL’s for the services. 


Locators help you find locations and geocode within the ArcGIS platform. At Esri UK we have built three locators which are free to use in the software. You can gain access to these by searching for them in ArcGIS Online or configure them automatically in your ArcGIS Online account by using the UK Content app

OS Code-Point Open

OS Code-Point® Open is an OpenData postcode-level dataset providing a point location for all geographic postal codes in Great Britain. The gazetteer service allows geocoding and postcode searching against this dataset.

For more information see here.

OS Open Names

OS Open Names is an OpenData dataset that includes place names, road names and numbers and postcode for Great Britain and includes 2.5 million locations.  The OS Open Names locator allows geocoding and searching against postcodes, street names, road numbers and places all in a single locator.

For more information see here


The BNG Locator is a coordinate system locator that allows you to enter coordinates in British National Grid format for example TL12341234 or 123456,123456. This allows you to navigate to a known grid reference.