OS Terrain 50 information

Features & Benefits
High-resolution backdrop map data providing:
  • coverage for the whole of Great Britain
  • Shaded terrain relief mapping
  • British National Grid (OSGB36)

As one of our range of backdrop map services, Ordnance Survey'sTerrain 50 is a DTM dataset which can be used as a background map to provide additional topographic mapping context.

This DTM has been created using the contours for a 1:50 000 Scale map with horizontal posting of 50m and vertical height accuracy of +/-10m.

Terrain 50 can be used to visualise and model the ground surface across large areas. It is ideal for use in landscape visualisation, environmental impact studies and resource management.

Terrain 50 is fully compatible with other Ordnance Survey digital data products and other GB map services and data supplied by Esri UK.

Central Government, Defence, Education, Insurance, Local Government, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Background mapping

Data Type
Cached map service

Great Britain

Data Scale
The nominal scale of Terrain 50 is 1:50 000.

Update Frequency

Coordinate Reference System
British National Grid (OSGB36)