ONS Census 2011 data

Features & Benefits

  • Key themes from the 2011 Census for England & Wales for display against OS base mapping.
  • Three levels of granularity, MSOA, LSOA and Output Area visible, dependent on the zoom scale of the map.
  • Sub-themes selected to allow comparisons to be made to identify patterns in the data.

Five key themes from the Census 2011 data have been identified for use in the Esri UK Online services offering. Three sub-themes have been identified from each of the five themes, making a total of 15 services available for viewing in ArcGIS. The services can be made transparent so they can be viewed against underlying base maps, and the data is queryable using the Identify tool.

The Census 2011 themes and sub-themes available are;

Key Census themes



Living arrangements






Professional occupations

Skilled trades occupations

Elementary occupations


Economic Activity

Full time workers

Part time workers



General Health

Very good health

Fair health

Very bad health



No Qualifications

Level 2 qualifications (GCSE or equivalent at grades A*–C)

Level 4 qualifications and above (Higher education)


Central & Local Government, Education, Insurance, Finance, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Data Scale
The ONS Census data map services are cached at the following levels:

1:10,000,000 - MSOA
1:5,000,000 - MSOA
1:2,500,000 - MSOA
1:1,000,000 - MSOA
1:500,000 - MSOA
1:250,000 - LSOA
1:100,000 - LSOA
1:75,000 - LSOA
1:50,000 - LSOA
1:25,000 – Output Area
1:10,000 – Output Area