Information about Free Accounts

  1. Who can register for an account?
    Our free data services are available to everyone.

  2. What is an account?
    An account is a registration with Esri UK that identifies the organisation using the service and the individual who registered from that organisation. This is used to give you access to the data services from Esri UK. You can register multiple accounts for your organisation, the only restriction is that each account must have a unique email address associated with it and this email address must resolve to an individual employee within the organisation. If you wish to register an account against a departmental email address, please contact our Customer Operations team for advice.

  3. How should I use the accounts within my organisation?
    Your organisation can choose how best to use the data service. You may wish to maintain one account for all of your users, or to set up multiple accounts for each user. In particular, if you are using an account to provide a service to a specific website or application you may want to have an account to support each of these instances.

  4. How is my usage measured for the fair use policy
    We track the usage of the services on an organisational basis, so it does not matter how many or how few accounts you make use of. Please see the fair usage policy for more details on this.

  5. Can I register as an individual, rather than on behalf of an organisation
    Yes, you can register as an individual.