OS VML Colour Raster information

Features & Benefits
High-resolution backdrop map designed for providing contextual mapping output.
  • A comprehensive range of features such as roads, railways, vegetation, boundaries, urban extent, buildings.
  • Rich topographic data content
  • Uncluttered and clean mapping

OS VML Colour Raster is the Ordnance Survey’s most detailed backdrop product. You can overlay your information on top of it, to give it a geographic context.

Ideal for working at a local or community level, to present the location of your business data, or to support a multitude of different geographic applications.

Central & Local Government, Defence, Education, Insurance, Finance, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Background mapping

Data Type
ArcGIS Online Tile Layer

Great Britain

Data Scale
1:75,000 and smaller scales - Strategi
1:50,000 - Strategi + VectorMap District
1:25,000 - VectorMap District
1:10,000 - OS VML Colour Raster
1:5,000 - OS VML Colour Raster (optimium viewing scale)
1:2,500 - OS VML Colour Raster

Update Frequency

Coordinate Reference System
British National Grid (OSGB36)