NITF for ArcGIS, developed by Exelis Visual Information Solutions, is an extension for ArcGIS for Desktop that simplifies working with National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) data in ArcGIS.

NITF for ArcGIS lets you directly view and write NITF data within ArcGIS. The U.S. Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certifies the extension to complexity level (C-Level) 7, the highest level of compliance. The extension also allows you to display and export data in the NATO Secondary Imagery Format (NSIF 1.0) and with the ISO/IEC Basic Imagery Interchange Format (BIIF).

With NITF for ArcGIS, you can:

  • Directly display NITF imagery and annotation.
  • Create, access, and edit NITF metadata in an easy-to-use metadata viewing window.
  • Export data to the NITF standard.
  • Compress imagery using JPEG 2000 and other supported compression standards.
  • Control NITF read and write preferences for improved usability.

NITF is a data storage standard used within the defense and intelligence communities. The NITF format stores imagery, annotation, and metadata within a single file. NITF facilitates interoperability between systems through the transfer of imagery and supporting data between applications used by image analysts and other geospatial professionals.

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