Mobilizing GIS to Boost Climate Resilience

From droughts and tsunamis to heat waves and earthquakes, extreme weather and geologic events caused by climate change jeopardize the world’s infrastructure and resources. Will your health be next? Read more

Mapping a More Playable Future for Kids

Whether it’s on sidewalks, in schoolyards, at parks or on playgrounds – play in all its forms is a powerful thing. It can transform children from sedentary to physically active, bored to mentally active, and solitary to socially active. Yet kids today are playing less than any other generation, simply because they have fewer opportunities to play. Read more

Social Services Planning Streamlined

With spatial analysis, South Australia’s Department for Communities and Social Inclusion improves service delivery for its 1.7 million citizens through an evidence based management framework. Read more

Keeping Clients of Human Services Agencies Safe

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency uses maps to track and assist child welfare recipients who might be impacted during emergencies like wildfires or earthquakes. Read more

California Healthcare Atlas Offers Single, Easy-to-Use Portal

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development makes it easy to find, share, and use data about patients, facilities, providers, physicians, and more. Read more

Envisioning a Community of Health

Mapping health phenomena in San Bernardino, such as mortality and heart disease rates, helps civic leaders develop plans to improve access to social and health resources. Read more

Volunteers with GIS Skills Support American Red Cross

Geospatial technology helps the Red Cross plan disaster response activities and resources. Staff map the locations of community response resources against areas where aid has historically been needed to determine the right resources reach people. Read more

Visualizing Choices to Better Serve Veterans

The Veterans Health Administration leverages the power of geospatial technology and new, innovative methodologies to improve veterans’ access to the right physicians and health care facilities. Read more

A Fresh Look at Community Health Using ArcGIS Online

Combining health, demographic, and socioeconomic indicators with ArcGIS Online led to the creation of the Community Health Score, which classifies communities by their overall health. Read more

Alexandria, Virginia Gets Serious about Park and Play Space Improvements

The City of Alexandria maps and analyzes play space throughout the community to identify areas where resident lack access to play spaces and where new ones should be located. Read more

GIS Helps Fight World’s Leading Cause of Preventable Blindness

Researchers in Africa collect data to map, analyze, and track the spread of trachoma. Mobile GIS helps personnel document the situation on the ground in remote areas. Read more

GIS Tracks Emerging Statewide Patient Care Patterns in North Carolina

North Carolina boosts the quality of care for Medicare and Medicaid patients by mapping health indicators such as diabetes and age-adjusted cardiovascular deaths throughout the state. Read more

GIS Technology Speeds the Journey to Population Health Management

Hospitals are pinpointing trends, recognizing patterns, and developing actionable intelligence through maps. Overlying demographic and psychographic information with GIS provides valuable insights into patient health. Read more