Create better outcomes for patients and providers.

Empower your community health assessments with geography to identify the services your patients want and need. With Esri technology, you can optimize your mix of services and find the best places to locate your health facilities. You can take GIS inside the hospital to streamline facilities and asset management, track patients, manage bed use, and lower potential for infection.



See where your patients live and locate clinics and other facilities where they will be most accessible.


Identify clusters of illness among your patients to determine potential environmental causes or spread patterns.


From routing emergency services to effectively managing available beds, get the most out of your resources.


ArcGIS for Health

Use free templates in ArcGIS for Health to quickly create focused maps and apps for health. Show patients where they can find your services and map hazards in your community. Spend less time on developing apps and more time on treating patients and improving the bottom line.

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ArcGIS Online

Manage your public relations through story maps that highlight the critical role you serve in the community. Share important information with government agencies and other community partners by publishing your data online.

See how Community Care of North Carolina uses ArcGIS Online to track patient care patterns.

Esri Community Analyst

Get insights about the demographics of your patients to determine which sites and services will deliver the most return on investment. Better understand the reach of your offerings and identify potential patients that could use your help.

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