UK Local Government workflows

UK Local Authorities across the UK, rely on Esri UK’s Geographic Information Solutions to improve business intelligence, reduce costs, empower the citizen and deliver Digital Government. Below we showcase some of the main workflows that you ask us about and show how the ArcGIS platform can be used to handle those workflows.





Don't keep it to yourself. The ArcGIS platform provides you with many ways in which you can share your data with people.
From enhancing your website with a simple map, to providing fully fledged development plans integrating data from any sources.
Many of these capabilities are just a few clicks away.


Editing data

Many editing tasks traditionally done in desktop applications can now be done on the web. If you have a lot of editors doing simple editing of features and attributes you might be able to free up some of your desktop licences by providing them with focused web apps.




Citizen Engagement

Local Authorities are increasingly under pressure to make savings but still provide an excellent level of service to the public.
The ArcGIS platform provides a variety of ways for you to engage with the public in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Surveys can play a key role in helping you to support the local community allowing you to gather their views and allowing them to report issues to you.

Mobile working

With mobile GIS, your maps and apps go with you wherever you go!
You can collect data in the field and update your enterprise information. You can use your phone to capture geotagged photos and videos. You can track and coordinate with members of your team in the field and be guided to the right locations.