Create content that converts with digital stories

Creating compelling content is key for an effective inbound marketing strategy. Not only do you need to capture interest, but you also need to engage your audience and encourage them to share it on. Our digital story apps enable you to tell stories, engage your audience and improve conversion rates.

Why tell stories?

Stories are more memorable. They follow a format that we all know and are used to. They also trigger emotional responses, allowing you to connect with your audience on a much more personal level. When we are being told a story, more areas of our brain are activated as we experience the events unfolding. Let’s face it, everyone has a story to tell!

Get inspired

Bring your story to life

A story is only engaging if it is told well, and can be visualised. Creating visual content has become the norm. When 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, why wouldn’t you harness visual content? But it is not just about being visual; people like interactive content, something they can explore and interact with. Our Digital story apps provide a great platform to bring any story to life.

6 steps to create a digital story

Convert your content

To create content that converts the call to action must be clear and easy to fulfil. With the ability to embed content such as event registration pages, your reader never needs to leave the story to reach the call to action. Digital stories are easy to share on social media or embed on your website, helping you to amplify your reach.

Case Studies

Crimestoppers increase engagement and Twitter followers with a social media map

Mirror Online embed Story Maps into their website to boost readership numbers

MapAction use a Story Map to increase campaign response and increase donations

Get Creative

Fancy making your own digital story? Trial ArcGIS online

Need help creating a digital story? Try out our map maker service. Our mapping experts work closely with our content designers to create the perfect digital story for your campaign. See the testimonials below and get ideas for your next piece of content. 

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Story Board

Draft out your story, make it relevant to your audience, refine the messaging, and define your call to action.

Collate your content

Bring together the images, the videos, the urls, animations and maps that you want to use to compliment your story.

Choose the right app

Choose the App that looks best for your type of story, look at the layout and functionality.

Create and Share

Create your digital story, brand it and share it! Add it to your website and track the hits.