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The Esri Startup Programme is a global three-year programme that helps startups build mapping and location intelligence into their products and businesses. The programme provides access to Esri online services, software, development tools, ready-to-use content, training, support and co-marketing opportunities. If you’re a startup looking to build on ArcGIS, the world’s leading GIS platform, we want to hear from you.

Who qualifies as a startup?
Founded less than 3 years ago

As of the date you apply
Generating less than $1M US annually

As of the date you apply
Building software products

Rather than offering consulting services
Strategically aligned with Esri & ArcGIS

Share common goals and best practices

What you get

Qualifying startups receive no-cost cloud services, software, training and support, content and other opportunities to help you thrive. Jumpstart product development and catalyse success for your organisation.    

Software and cloud services

No-cost mapping and location intelligence software.

  • ArcGIS Online
  • Enterprise Level ArcGIS Developer Subscription
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Image Server 
About ArcGIS
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Support and training

Take advantage of Esri technical support or upgrade to consulting engagements. Jumpstart your productivity with flexible, unlimited e-Learning.

Training courses

Community & Co-Marketing

  • Work with industry teams and developers
  • Promote your website and case studies
  • Listing in the Esri Partner Network
  • Sell your app on the ArcGIS Marketplace

Event opportunities

Attend, network and speak at annual events, including the Esri Annual Conference. Take advantage of low cost “Startup Zone” exhibitor space. 

Mobile Data Collection and Software


StreetScan uses vehicle-mounted sensing technology to assess road conditions. They recently helped Newton, MA plan comprehensive road repairs.

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