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The Esri Startup Programme gives members access to Esri’s global user community - over 350,000 clients in 125 countries. Startups become Emerging Partners within the Esri Partner Network, which includes more than 2,000 partners worldwide. More than 350 startups from around the world are already members of this growing community, and we hope you will join us too. 

What we’re looking for

Esri selects technology-focused startups able to articulate their product idea and product market fit. We're seeking startups who will build viable and high calibre solutions through adopting the ArcGIS platform. Consider how Esri can facilitate greater adoption of your solution.

Minimum qualifications

Build software products, as opposed to offering consulting services

Be founded less than three years from the date of application

Generate less than $1 million in annual revenue at the time of programme entry

Align to Esri's strategic goals for the programme

ArcGIS alignment

Esri basemaps included on presentation layers

Solutions developed using the most current version of ArcGIS

Use of ArcGIS as the system of record to store and maintain geographic information

Integration with Esri users' ArcGIS systems

Unique ArcGIS identities (named user model) for everyone accessing the platform

Business practices

A solid business strategy, backed by a capable team

Delivery of immediate value by configuring first and customising second

Creation and registration of web maps, apps and content

Guarantee customer success and technology ROI through continual guidance and long-term support

Commitment to support the GIS community

Application process

Every two months, Esri reviews applications to the Startup Programme. During this process, we may reach out for additional information or an interview. Near the end of each two-month period (February, April, June, August, October, December), we email applicants with the Esri Startup team's decision.

There is high demand for the programme and we review applications carefully with relevant internal teams. This builds a solid partnership to ensure mutual success and accelerates your ability to develop and sell your products. If you have urgencies for us to consider, please explain them in an email to

Selection and acceptance

While you're waiting, we encourage you to sign up for a free ArcGIS Developer Subscription and explore our developer labs. The subscription provides access to essential ArcGIS tools and GIS software to begin your integration.

If accepted, you will receive a congratulatory email confirming your eligibility. An Emerging Partner contract or electronic DocuSign agreement will follow. You must sign this to be accepted. Once the agreement has been signed, submitted and processed (~3 days to process), you'll receive the acceptance and onboarding details you'll need to get started, in addition to information about software, support and partner benefits.

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