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16 May 2023 | QEII Centre, London

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey provides national mapping services for Great Britain and is the world’s most trusted geospatial partner. Our location data and expertise has helped governments make smarter decisions, businesses gain valuable data insight, and everyone experience the world outside for over 225 years. From laptops to hilltops, blue lights to street lights and congestion to relaxation – our location expertise shows the world how to get to a better place.

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Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world, helping clients achieve their goals, including becoming customer-centric digital enterprises. As a global leader in the deployment of location-enabled technologies and services, CGI is uniquely positioned to bring the “power of where”.

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Met Office

The Met Office is the national meteorological service for the UK. We provide critical weather services and world-leading climate science and services, helping you make better decisions to stay safe and thrive. 

We focus on making a difference and delivering greater benefit to you. We only make an impact when our data, products, science, services and advice get into the hands of those who use it to shape their lives, and the lives of those around them. We deliver our services through exceptional scientific, technological and operational expertise. Behind this is a team of excellent people, working with you to deliver extraordinary impact, making us one of the most trusted forecasters in the world.

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LandClan represents a step-change in the technological enablement of land development and portfolio management. It enables users to view and analyse any land parcel on earth. Harnessing data Intelligence and patent pending algorithm to index every factor affecting land for development, including viability, feasibility, impact assessment, sustainability analysis, and 3D visualisation

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A global leader in Location Master Data Management, 1Spatial helps organisations build strong data foundations for confident and informed decision-making. By optimising the value of data, our innovative software and solutions deliver significant cost-savings and efficiencies for a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. Our clients include national mapping and land management agencies, utility companies, transportation organisations, government, emergency services and defence departments.

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NV5 Geospatial

NV5 Geospatial (formerly L3Harris Geospatial) is the world leader in image science software and supporting technologies. Our products have helped scientists explore space, see the human body in new ways, and understand the world around them. Today, our customer’s rely on our in-depth knowledge of advanced geospatial analytics, big data management technologies, and remotely sensed data, along with a highly turned process for applying deep learning to deliver value across a variety of industries

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MGISS delivers a full range of geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, analyse, visualise and inform using spatial data. We independently advise on the smarter use of data, technology and digital transformation. This allows organisations in the Infrastructure, Environment and Energy sectors manage their assets more efficiently.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Here is a link to all our MOIs. You can download any or all.



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Trimble is a global leader in positioning technology, providing solutions that serve GIS users in multiple industries worldwide. By integrating hardware, application software, wireless communications, and services, Trimble creates location-enabled solutions that integrate seamlessly with Esri workflows and that are built to withstand the rigours of field work. At KOREC Mapping, we want the process of recording, collecting and sharing your geospatial data to be as simple, hassle free and efficient as possible. We combine market-leading hardware solutions from Trimble with intuitive software and a long-established industry expertise to bring you a range of end-to-end mapping solutions that support your business.

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3-GIS empowers companies to to meet the challenges of building increasingly complex fibre networks by transforming how they plan, design, construct, and manage their telecom networks with web-based network design and asset management solutions. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, 3-GIS|Web enables telecom companies to expedite their time to revenue, create integrity in their data, and inform business decisions throughout their entire organisation. Founded in 2006, 3-GIS has a strong reputation for delivering innovative and reliable software solutions that help their customers to thrive in a complex and competitive market.

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Bluesky International Ltd

Bluesky is constantly pushing the boundaries of aerial survey using the latest technology to capture accurate and highly detailed geospatial datasets. This data underpins today’s most exciting and revolutionary initiatives; smart cities, autonomous vehicles and high speed mobile data networks, giving our customers the tools to enable precision planning, analysis and interrogation.  

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Eos Positioning Systems

Eos Positioning Systems® is an award-winning Esri Gold Partner and the Canadian manufacturer of Arrow Series® GNSS (GPS) receivers. Eos GNSS receivers were the first on the market to support all Esri mobile apps (e.g., ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS QuickCapture) across all mobile platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows). In addition, Eos offers ArcGIS users various data-collection solutions, including Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS (laser offsets), Eos Locate for ArcGIS (high-accuracy underground utility mapping), and real-time orthometric heights. Learn more by visiting representatives at our booth during the event or by visiting website.

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Safe Software

Safe Software delivers FME, the world’s only enterprise integration platform with support for spatial data. Whether you need to extract, transform, load, integrate, validate, or share data, FME’s intuitive interface automates your workflows and eliminates coding. Connect data from 450+ systems, including GIS, CAD, database, geospatial, BIM, 3D, point cloud / LiDAR, raster, XML, web services, real-time  cloud. Since 1993, FME has helped over 10,000 organizations maximize the value of their data.

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Idox is a leading supplier of specialist information management software to large and complex public and private sector organisations. At the conference, Idox is showcasing its advanced Address Data Solutions on the Aligned Assets platform, as recommended by Esri as an alternative to the soon-to-be-retired LocatorHub.

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BlackSky is a leading provider of real-time geospatial intelligence. BlackSky delivers on-demand, high frequency imagery, monitoring and analytics of the most critical and strategic locations, economic assets, and events in the world. BlackSky designs, owns and operates one of the industry’s leading low earth orbit small satellite constellations, optimized to capture imagery cost-efficiently where and when our customers need it. BlackSky’s Spectra AI software platform processes data from BlackSky’s constellation and from other third-party sensors to develop the critical insights and analytics that our customers require.

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Herotech8 are UK based systems and robotics engineering company; designing, manufacturing and operating an Automated Drone Station (ADS), more commonly known as Drone-in-a-Box, for a wide variety of use cases across multiple industries. The Herotech8 ADS can be installed in remote locations, allowing the operator to deploy the drone manually or on scheduled automated missions over the internet. Open Air, is Herotech8’s drone-on-demand service - comprising a local network of ADS systems and customer portal. Where users can request drone services and data, simply by drawing their asset on a map and submitting requirements. An available and fit for purpose drone is then tasked with the required mission and data is made available in real time or immediately on return to its ADS.

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