Opening Plenary
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Introduction & Welcome from Stuart BonthroneComic ReliefOrdnance SurveyEsri UK Showcase featuring ArcGIS 10.5ArcGIS – Free4Schools and the GeoMentor Programme

What’s new in ArcGIS?
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Living Content
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Heat Networks – Building a bespoke model to formulate strategic choice
Nottingham City Council / Enviroenergy
Sharing information through web applications
Esri UK
Use of Collector for mobile asset data capture
Architecting ArcGIS
Esri UK
Introduction to ArcGIS Developer Tools
Esri UK
Growth Option Assessment – Finding the Most Suitable Land for New Housing
Land Use Consultants
Mobile - Web - Desktop - Invoice - Complete Solution
Euro Environmental Group
Break on Through (To The Java(Script) Side)
Mapping London’s 2050 Infrastructure Growth
Greater London Authority
Using GIS to improve a property management planning application monitoring service
Savills UK Ltd
An Intro to Analysis in ArcGIS Pro
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Using ArcGIS Online to Support Collaboration and Information-Sharing for River Catchment Management
The Rivers Trust
Introduction to the apps of Smarter Working
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Imagery Analysis in ArcGIS: New View. New Vision.
Esri UK
Advanced Development Techniques with ArcPy and Python API
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A journey through the airport
Manchester Airport Group
Making Sense of Cities – Understanding Movement & Transport Patterns From Anonymised Mobile Phone Networks
Compass Informatics
Presentation coming soon.
Roads Modernisation in London – What? When? Where?
Transport for London
Presentation not available. For more information, please contact us on 01296 745500.
Understanding and restoring the natural world using ArcGIS
The National Trust
SWEET, simplicity and GeoDesign
Esri UK
No slides used for this session. For more information, please contact us on 01296 745500.
Floods Vs ArcGIS
Esri UK
Gathering information through web applications
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Getting Major Incident Ready with the Environment Agency
Environment Agency
An introduction to 3D
Esri UK
What's New to the SDK's and JavaScript API
Esri UK
UAV’s and GIS Deliver Next Generation Environmental Management
Fera Science
The power of OpenData
Esri UK
ArcGIS Online: Making Meetings Meaningful with Maps
Highways England
Smart working on the go
Bracknell Forest Homes
100 Lines or Less Competition Showcase
Esri UK Map Labs Team
How maps help deliver a leading Health and Beauty offer
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Open Geography as a concept: building spatial statistics around users
Office for National Statistics
Advanced Analytics
Esri UK
Advanced Analytics
Esri UK
Forester: Enabling improved collaboration for key business data
Forestry Commission
Analytics for smarter working in the field
Esri UK
Taking 3D GIS to the next level
Esri Inc
Mapping our world in 3D can bring new insights and many of you are exploring what this can offer your organisations. The 3D capabilities of ArcGIS continue to evolve and mature and in this session Chris Andrews - Esri’s Product Manager for 3D – will take you through some of these innovations. The session will also look at different paths for creating 3D content, in particular how GIS can deliver geographical context to building models in a BIM project.
ArcGIS Developer Program
Esri UK
Putting communities at the heart of policing with web maps
Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Big data! Offshore to onshore: Streaming 3D cities and point clouds
Garsdale Design
Delivering the largest Ground Investigation undertaken in the UK
Presentation not available. For more information, please contact us on 01296 745500.
The Startup Programme
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Closing Plenary
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