Climate Change is an urgent, global priority

Decades of industrialisation, deforestation and intensive farming have destroyed natural habitats, created immeasurable pollution and fundamentally altered our climate.  Now, however, decisive action is being taken to halt this climate change and heal our planet.  Governments, businesses and experts from all around the world are coming together at the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021 to discuss and implement initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and restore nature.  Let’s show these global leaders we care about climate change, by sharing information about the projects that are already underway in the UK to help create a more sustainable world.

Let's show we care

Across almost all industry sectors, Esri UK customers are already taking action to repair the damage done to our world and develop more sustainable ways of working and living.  Some are using GIS to identify and protect threatened wildlife habitats, while others are using GIS to develop renewable energy and carbon neutral businesses.  Esri UK is inviting its customers to share information about what they are doing to help sustain our planet and improve the environment.  By coming together as a community and sharing our stories, we can show how much we really care about tackling climate change.

Submit your story

The six most inspiring stories submitted in each of the two categories below will be featured in a sustainability e-book, published to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference this year.  In addition, the organisation that submits the most compelling sustainability story will be presented with the inaugural Esri UK Customer Success Award for Sustainability and a donation for the wildlife or nature charity of its own choice.  For every submission received, Esri UK will plant a tree in association with the Woodland Trust, so by sharing your story you can also help to restore woodland environments around the UK.  

Category 1: Healing our planet

Let us know how you are using GIS to help reverse the damage done to the natural environment and heal our planet, in projects such as:

  • Conserving sand dunes and coastal habitats at risk from rising sea levels
  • Removing pollution to improve the health of marine and fresh water habitats
  • Restoring vital ecosystems like peat bogs, wetlands and forests
  • Monitoring and analysing initiatives to improve air quality and reduce health risks

Category 2: Living sustainably

Tell us how you are using GIS to help reduce carbon emissions and enable people to live and work more sustainably.  For example:

  • Advancing the use of renewable power and new ways to decarbonise industry
  • Planning public transportation networks to support more sustainable travel
  • Designing built environments to meet the needs of both people and nature
  • Working smarter to reduce carbon footprints and waste

Need inspiration?

If you are not sure which story to share, read these case studies and watch the video below for inspiration.

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Enabling a Smarter World

Discover the many ways in which GIS can be used to enable people to better understand the world and create a better future.

Share your story

The deadline for this competition has passed, but if you still have a story to tell, you can email detailing the Climate Change challenge you have addressed and how you have used GIS to improve this. Please include ‘Climate Change competition’ in your subject line and we will be in touch!

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