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How is your use of GIS transforming everyday working practices to enable a smarter world?

As GIS becomes more collaborative, more mobile, and more social, this is your opportunity to be recognised for your work, amongst your peers at the UK’s biggest GIS conference. The winners of the annual Customer Success Awards will be announced at the Esri UK Annual Conference, where we will be showcasing the very best in GIS and celebrating your success.

Shortlist Announced

Thank you to all our entrants for this year’s Customer Success Awards, and congratulations to the 12 shortlisted customers across four categories, listed below.

The winners will be announced at the Esri UK Annual Conference on Tuesday 8th June 2021.

Map Creator

Maps are a fantastic tool for conveying and understanding your data. Our shortlisted entrants have shown us how they've leveraged Esri's cartographic tools to bring their data to life. [h6]Shortlist:[/h6] [list] [*][url=""]Conflict Armament Research[/url][/*] [*][url=""]London Borough of Harrow[/url][/*] [*][url=""]Nottingham City Council[/url][/*] [/list]

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Analytical Insights

Spatial analysis allows you to unlock hidden facets of data. The entrants in our shortlist have told us about what they've revealed using Esri's analytical capabilities. [h6]Shortlist:[/h6] [list] [*][url=""]Affinity Water[/url][/*] [*][url=""]Glasgow City Council[/url][/*] [*][url=""]NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit[/url][/*] [/list]

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Field Mobility

The shortlisted entrants demonstrated how Esri's apps and systems are helping them connect their workers, both in the field and in the office, with relevant and up-to-date information. [h6]Shortlist:[/h6] [list] [*][url=""]Arcadis[/url][/*] [*][url=""]East Riding of Yorkshire[/url][/*] [*][url=""]Forestry and Land Scotland[/url][/*] [/list]

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Community Engagement

GIS can help you to build a community or engage with the public. The extrants in our shortlist have demonstrated their innovative use of Esri's systems to connect with people. [h6]Shortlist:[/h6] [list] [*][url=""]Severn Trent Water[/url][/*] [*][url=""]Tunbridge Wells Borough Council[/url][/*] [*][url=""]NCGI-D[/url][/*] [/list]

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