Host your region’s first data drill

Data drills bring together government organisations to exercise data sharing, integration, analysis and reporting capabilities, strengthening their ability to rapidly draw on critical information during emergencies. With our experience and knowledge, we are helping local authorities within areas such as Kent and West Midlands to host their own regional data drills. Contact our team of specialists to find out more today.

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What is a data drill?

Using a real-world scenario, Esri UK will help facilitate bringing multiple organisations together for a half day workshop focused on: • Testing data sharing, integration and analysis capabilities • Surfacing valuable datasets • Determining reporting metrics • Developing a reporting schedule A key output from the data drill is a debrief report outlining the challenges faced and next steps to mitigate, strengthen and improve the collective group’s information readiness.

Who should participate?

Senior leaders, policy makers, advisers, analysts, data professionals and GIS specialists from organisations who would be impacted and have responsibility during an emergency are strongly encouraged to participate and be informed of outcomes. No matter your role, you have an important part to play.

Your involvement

We will work with you to recruit participants and to outline the task for the day. During the Data Drill, participants will be presented with a question and will test using data to collaboratively respond.

“The problem wasn’t that the data didn’t exist; the problem was that data was spread across multiple agencies in disparate databases with no chance of it ever being shared or smartly integrated for use during an emergency.”

Dr Amen Ra Mashariki

Former Chief Analytics Officer, City of New York

Why this matters

How data failed during 9/11

New York’s former Chief Analytics Officer reflects on how greater data sharing and interagency operability could have minimised the extent of catastrophe during 9/11.

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