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Book a complimentary 1:1 session with a personal spatial trainer and transform the way you analyse your data and share key insights. ​ Using geospatial tools and techniques, our spatial trainers will help you find hidden trends and relationships in your data and show you how to use these insights to fuel decision making. ​ Strengthen your data analysis with these high impact workouts:

Core Visualisation

Take your data analysis up a level with clear data visualisations. Learn how maps can be used to share key information in a format that is quick and easy to understand. Explore using different dimensions (2D and 3D) to enhance your knowledge transfer.

Data Crunches

Get new insights using interactive maps. Strengthen your data analysis using spatial tools and techniques to identify hot spots and expose hidden patterns. Find yourself asking new questions as you work with layers of data and analyse change over time and space.

Relationship building

Compare different data sets to uncover relationships that are hard to see in tables and charts. Easily explore associations such as proximity, coincidence, intersection, overlap, visibility and accessibility using interactive maps.

Spatial Stretches

There are some questions that are naturally spatial in nature. For example how many people can access a given location in 15 minutes? Where is the most suitable place to open a new store? Explore the tools available to help you easily answer these questions.

Spin and Predict

Bring new data sets into the mix when carrying out what if analysis. Predict future outcomes and quantify certainty using spatial techniques to explore the relationships in your data.​

Kick start your transformation

Our personal spatial training sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you have on mapping and geospatial analysis, explore how to best use the tools available and identify the benefits they could bring to your organisation.

The Geospatial Bootcamp will next be available at Housing Technology 2019. Please select the date/time below to book your free 1:1 geospatial training session.