Smart Mapping

Interactive data and map exploration

Quickly create beautiful and informative maps

Discover and communicate your data’s stories

Leverage intelligent default, data-driven visualisations and innovative workflows

Smart mapping, Esri's interactive data exploration and mapping software capability, helps you uncover patterns and stories inside your data. No matter where you are in your mapping journey, smart mapping enables you to quickly create beautiful and informative maps.

A map displaying earthquake data for North Wales, using above and below symbology where red downward arrows represent earthquakes lower than 3.0 magnitude and blue upwards arrows above 3.0 magnitude

Be empowered by smart mapping

Discover stories
Dynamic visualisations encourage data exploration
Communicate effectively
Data-driven visualisations show what's important
Increase productivity
Map styles provide a meaningful starting point
Create high-quality maps
Cartographic intelligence is built into the styles
Increase confidence
Smart workflows intelligently guide map creation

Explore data at the speed of thought

Smart mapping enables interactive data exploration. It is a visual-thinking tool that rewards your curiosity. The interface dynamically visualises the settings and styles you select, so you can immediately see the results. Streamlined workflows guide your exploration, and one data discovery will quickly lead to another. 

A GIF showing a map of Birmnigham and the Midlands, showing cumulative vaccination rates using red and blue dots that are animated based on vaccination date

Skip ahead to the good choices

Expedite your journey to beautiful and informative maps with smart mapping. Intelligent defaults provide an excellent starting point for visualising and exploring your data. Rather than leaving you to sort through many options, smart mapping evaluates your data and suggests map styles that work with that type of data. The styles help you uncover patterns by emphasising what's most important and deemphasising what's less important.

A generic map focusing on Birmingham with pie chart symbology showing 3 categories in blue, green and orange

Share useful and informative maps

Elevate your maps by building on the work of others. Use colour ramps, which are designed by experts in colour theory; map symbols that look good at any scale; and symbology that is directly tied to the distribution of your data. Each of these interconnected settings intelligently guides you to create beautiful maps you can confidently share with your audience.

A map showing public greenspace areas and hillshade data, sitting on a dark basemap

Start mapping and understanding your data

There are many ways to access Esri's mapping capabilities, including cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), self-managed infrastructure, developer tools, and desktop software. Identify how you would like to access the capabilities, and learn more about the corresponding product.