Up-To-Date Data - Faster

  • Get information for the exact area you need - including standard geographies (down to the Census block group level), hand-drawn shapes, or rings or drive times around a location.
  • Access thousands of demographic, Census, health, crime and business variables to formulate better policy decisions.
  • Go beyond basic demographics to really understand the behaviours and preferences of people living in any area using Esri's detailed segmentation profiles.

Resource Allocation

  • Use custom comparison reports to determine where to best allocate resources for greatest community impact.
  • Quickly find areas with greatest need by using customisable search criteria with the Smart Map Search wizard.
  • Determine where to allocate grant funding based on population need.
  • Better plan for the future by understanding trends using past data and future projections.

Reach and Inform

  • Communicate policy decisions with data and reports customised to your location.
  • Illustrate the unique characteristics of your area using interactive colour-coded maps to attract businesses and residents.
  • Reach the public by publishing reports and maps to your website or use the API to allow the community to generate their own reports and analysis.
  • Use a variety of map types, including web maps from ArcGIS Online, to clearly and concisely communicate information.

Data & Reports

Community Analyst includes global data and reports for more than 135 countries. These datasets range from population and households to healthcare spending and crime rates. Access recent demographics about family size, household income, unemployment and more.

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