ArcGIS Defence Mapping

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An extension for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise

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ArcGIS Defence Mapping software streamlines geographic information system (GIS) production for defence mapping agencies and contractors to support mission-critical applications. Defence Mapping includes specialised capabilities to automate the production processes from beginning to end through standardisation, repeatability, and configuration. This extension has tools for data collection and attribution, geodatabase maintenance, data validation, and production of standardised defence data and cartographic products. Defence Mapping provides the geodatabase models, topologies, business rules, cartographic rules, and map templates required for Topographic Map (TM), Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program (MGCP) Topographic Map (MTM), Image City Map (ICM), and more.

What can you do with ArcGIS Defence Mapping?

Consistent workflows

ArcGIS Defence Mapping provides task-based workflows, built using ArcGIS Workflow Manager, to work with authoritative defence schemas. Each workflow is designed as a simple, focused task to be performed by a single technician. This makes it easy for technicians to understand what work they are required to do.

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Automated generalisation

ArcGIS Defence Mapping provides out-of-the-box generalisation models to automate the creation of maps, charts, and data products at any scale based on the unique characteristics of different data themes. The models automate multi-scale mapping efforts to produce any output scale of data or cartographic product from a single best scale database.

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Cartographic production

ArcGIS Defence Mapping provides tools to help in the automation of defence map production and cartographic processes. These tools and processes allow users to efficiently create and manage the defence cartographic production of high-quality printed maps.

Street map of Puget Sound and surrounding areas, including ocean, land, and streets

Data maintenance and quality control

The ArcGIS Defence Mapping extension reduces the time needed to compile and maintain authoritative defence content. Efficiently perform database maintenance and quality control for data and map products and ensure consistency by capturing/distributing best practices throughout the organisation.

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Production management

Defence Mapping for ArcGIS Server provides an ArcGIS Enterprise portal application that gives managers insight into the status of the work within their organisation. Quickly identify work that is at risk, reassign or reprioritise work, and create new work—all within a simple, easy-to-use web application.

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Innovative and modern defence mapping software

ArcGIS Defence Mapping boosts productivity and enables fast delivery of authoritative data and maps.


Capture and manage defence business rules and domain knowledge in repeatable workflows.


Efficiently create, maintain, and review authoritative defence content with tools and workflows throughout the production process.


Share authoritative defence data and products across ArcGIS.

Maximise your ArcGIS investment

ArcGIS Defence Mapping is built on 25 years of production experience and offers a modern, centralised environment that transforms your map production.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer

ArcGIS Data Reviewer

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Allocate resources and track the status of the project by using the workflow management component of the ArcGIS Defence Mapping extension.

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