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Adhere to industry standards

Use ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports to prepare compliant data for submission to the FAA and other regulatory agencies by using over 1,000 preconfigured data checks developed from FAA AC 150/5300-18B, Aerodrome Mapping Database (AMDB) and Electronic Terrain and Obstacle (eTOD) specifications.

Adhere to Industry Standards

Manage obstruction surfaces

Create and visualise FAA Part 77, FAA AC 150/5300-18B, AC 150/5300-13A and ICAO Annex 14 & 15 Obstacle Identification Surfaces. Easily generate these surfaces for planning scenarios and quickly perform vertical analysis between the obstruction surfaces and point or Lidar data.

Manage Obstruction Surfaces

Quickly edit data

Consistently and efficiently create and manage airport data using the out-of-the-box editing templates. Tailor the interface to an airport's specific data editing requirements and streamline data creation by pre-populating recurring attribute values.

Quickly Edit Data

Automate data import/export

Automatically import accepted FAA Airport GIS shapefiles into your AC 150/5300-18 geodatabase. You can also export FAA-compliant shapefiles for submission to the FAA Airport GIS repository.

Automate Data Import/Export