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Realise the value of your bathymetric data

Get a comprehensive view of your bathymetry data assets. Store data once, reuse it many times.

Stories of exploration

See how Duncan Mallace, Managing Director of MMT UK, uses Maritime: Bathymetry.

Make your data GIS-enabled

Use bathymetry data for better decision making and problem solving in offshore energy, port security, hydrographic services, dredging operations, scientific analysis and more. ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry complements ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting for a continuous and seamless chart production workflow.

Make Your Data GIS-Enabled

Manage and reuse your bathymetric data

Easily manage and combine massive amounts of raster and point bathymetric data and metadata in a GIS environment. The solution provides spatial analysis tools that allow you to realise the true value of your bathymetric data by analysing it in a geographic context.

Manage and Reuse Your Bathymetric Data

Work with metadata more easily

Instead of dealing with datasets that are missing critical information, like the coordinate system or sensors used, you'll have a traceable, S-102 compliant structure that you can use for data discovery and analysis. Capture metadata according to your requirements, from the sensor used to the colour of the boat.

Work with Metadata More Easily

Reduce the cost of data storage

Managing your data shouldn't mean creating another copy of it in a centralised location. ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry allows you to register your datasets from their current location and manage them wherever they live, whether it is locally on your computer, or remotely on distributed file servers.

Optimize Your Chart Production Workflow

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