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Quality control

Quality control is enforced through International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S-58 validation checks, as well as automated third-party tool validation. Supported products include S-57 (ENC, IENC, AML), DNC, IHO S-4 paper charts (PDF, BSB, GeoTIFF) and ad-hoc products.

Quality Control

Extend your team

In-house and offsite production can easily and securely happen in parallel. Share subsets of your data with sub-contractors, and easily bring back the results of their work. With the option to work on disconnected replicas, sub-contractors don't need to have direct access to your authoritative database.

Extend Your Team

Stay Organised

Organise your portfolio of nautical products in a convenient hub. Easily create custom localised symbology based on international standards (INT1, INT2).

Stay Organized

Maximise the value of ENC data

ENCs are more than navigation charts; they contain authoritative geospatial information that can be shared as web services. Examples are visualisation and analysis for survey planning, coastline analysis and engineering. ENCs can also be used as basemap images to give visual context for situational awareness.

Maximize the Value of ENC Data

Produce & maintain

ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting can be used to produce and maintain the following products:

  • S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC)
  • Official and unofficial paper charts
  • Raster Nautical Charts (RNC)
  • Digital Nautical Charts (DNC)
  • Additional Military Layers (AML) v2.1
  • Inland ENC (IENC) with additional configuration
  • Other specialised chart products

Repeatable workflows

Capture your production expertise with repeatable workflows. Production managers can assign and monitor discrete units of work. When workflows and tasks are organised and traceable, the up-to-date status of production operations can be displayed via dashboards for transparency.