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ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

Comprehensive image analysis software for your desktop

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ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro provides tools for advanced image interpretation, exploitation, and geospatial analysis on an array of imagery modalities. Automate and speed up workflows such as feature extraction, image classification, multidimensional analysis, and change detection with a robust set of image-based machine and deep learning tools, raster functions, and geoprocessing tools. Benefit from quick analysis results using on-the-fly image processing and raster analytics.

What can you do with ArcGIS Image Analyst?

ArcGIS Image Analyst expands your arsenal of advanced imagery tools and user experiences to improve and simplify workflows.

How ArcGIS Image Analyst works

Bring in data

Work with different spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions. Combine nadir, oblique, video, multidimensional, and stereo imagery with GIS data.


With image space analysis, see imagery from the sensor's view with georeferenced features and map data projected onto the imagery in image space.


A collection of mensuration tools allows you to take height, distance, point, angle, perimeter, and area measurements.


Clean up image classification results, edit elevation values in a digital elevation model, and redact sensitive areas from imagery.


Use tools specifically crafted for advanced image analysis such as machine learning, deep learning, multidimensional analysis, and change analysis.


Detecting informal dwellings using deep learning

Using ArcGIS Image Analyst, a deep learning model was trained to detect informal settlements in Cape Town to streamline infrastructure planning.

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Need ArcGIS Pro?

To use ArcGIS Image Analyst, you must have an ArcGIS Pro license. Compatible licenses include GIS Professional user types (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) and ArcGIS Desktop (named user, single use, or concurrent use) containing ArcGIS Pro 2.1 or higher.

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