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Indoor positioning system and indoor tracking

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Bring the blue dot indoors

ArcGIS IPS is an indoor positioning system that allows you to locate yourself and others inside a building in real time. Similar to GPS, it puts a blue dot on indoor maps and uses location services to help you navigate to any point of interest or destination. Real-time indoor navigation, location sharing, and location tracking empower customers, visitors, and contractors. Indoor location data collection and analytics can help your organisation increase efficiency and improve customer service.

What indoor positioning can do for you

Boost indoor location awareness

Organisations can use ArcGIS IPS to allow employees and visitors to better orient themselves inside their facilities and navigate to people, assets, and places in real time. The blue dot transitions seamlessly on the map as the user enters or exits the building or switches between floor levels.

Indoor blue dot shows live position on digital indoor map

Streamline indoor operations

Indoor operations such as maintenance work require excellent coordination and workforce management. Enable indoor tracking and location sharing for your employees and workers to facilitate collaboration and monitor operations with complete transparency and visibility. Effectively coordinate and dispatch the right resources to do the right job at the right place inside the building.

Live location sharing of security guard at airport

Get actionable insights

Get insights into activities inside your organisation's facility by analysing foot traffic patterns, dwell times, and frequencies and visualising them on a dashboard. Make better-informed, data-driven decisions to optimise indoor operations and space utilisation.

Indoor analytics visualised on a dashboard

Enhance your apps

ArcGIS IPS is available with ArcGIS Indoors and ArcGIS Runtime. Activate the indoor blue dot inside your ArcGIS Indoors mobile app or add the indoor positioning system to your custom mobile app via the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs.

Indoor positioning integrated into a custom-built hospital app


All images on the ArcGIS IPS product pages are examples designed to show indoor positioning integrated into a custom-built app. ArcGIS IPS provides the indoor blue dot that can be shown on an indoor map using ArcGIS Indoors or an app created with ArcGIS Runtime.

How it works

Enable ArcGIS IPS in your Esri-powered app

Use ArcGIS IPS within ArcGIS Indoors or your custom-built app powered by ArcGIS Runtime.

Unlock the full value of your indoor GIS

Activate the blue dot in your facility to enable live indoor positioning, navigation, location tracking, and location data capture.

Empower building occupants and visitors

Allow employees to optimise operations, workforce management, and safety inside the facility and create an exceptional experience for visitors.

Create sustainable workflows

Use location data to identify operational inefficiencies, better allocate resources and space, and manage indoor operations.

ArcGIS IPS in the Esri environment

You can unlock ArcGIS IPS in ArcGIS Indoors, an indoor mapping system for smart building management, or access it via ArcGIS Runtime SDKs to power your cutting-edge, custom-built indoor positioning app.
ArcGIS IPS comes with ArcGIS Setup, a mobile app that allows you to collect radio signals from Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons inside your buildings to enable the indoor positioning system. It can make use of an existing or new Beacon infrastructure and is vendor agnostic. ArcGIS IPS geoprocessing tools are also included to set up and author your indoor positioning environment in ArcGIS Pro. Contact us to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from ArcGIS IPS.

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ArcGIS IPS integrators

ArcGIS IPS is available for users of ArcGIS Indoors and ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, which enables the indoor positioning capability in custom-built apps. ArcGIS IPS comes with the mobile ArcGIS IPS Setup app and ArcGIS geoprocessing tools for ArcGIS Pro.

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