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Understand your data

Ask spatial questions of your data and see the results on an interactive map. Easily adjust and tweak your analysis until you find the answers you need, then share it with those who need to know. 

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Turn data into actionable insight

Use the analysis tools in ArcGIS Online to easily find the best location for investment, understand citizens’ proximities to services, optimise routes for delivery, identify vulnerable people during emergencies, plus more: 

  • Use multiple variables or decision criteria to analyse the most efficient routes and prime locations for new stores, developments or services 
  • Detect patterns with precision to see hotspots, cold spots, outliers, clusters and changes over time 
  • Use current and historic data to understand trends and emerging areas of interest

Use rich data & modernise processes

Take advantage of aerial imagery, 3D, data from the field and open data. Consume it and analyse it using location intelligence to support business requirements. 

  • Understand, compare and investigate changes in landscapes using interactive change comparison tools 
  • Discover relationships in terms of proximity, intersection, overlap, visibility and accessibility, both in a 2D and 3D context 
  • Continually monitor performance with real-time dashboards

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