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Bring your own data

Adding your data to ArcGIS Online is simple. Just drag and drop a spreadsheet, upload a file, or connect to content you've stored in the cloud. Easily update your data without replacing files.

  • Drag-and-drop your spreadsheets
  • Upload files from your computer
  • Add content from the cloud
  • Update your data without replacing files

Data-driven visualisation

Create visually stunning maps that tell your data’s story using Smart Mapping. Don’t worry about how to visualise your data - Smart Mapping suggests the best data classifications, colours and styles. You also have the flexibility to further explore your data, discover new patterns, and fine-tune the styling.

  • Smart suggestions for data-driven visualisation
  • Custom styling choices
  • Flexibility to explore your data
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Readily available maps & data

With ArcGIS Online, you get open access to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe. Instantly draw on a vast collection of maps, apps and data layers to support your work and analysis

Find maps and data
Live Feeds
Wide variety of dynamic maps and layers, such as weather and traffic, updated as frequently as every five minutes.
Global set of demographic and lifestyle content that contains essential information about populations.
Global high-resolution imagery, spanning many years, provides both historic and recent, even daily, views of our planet.
Earth Observations
Information about the Earth’s natural and built environments used to support planning, policies, and decision-making.

Suite of accurate basemaps

You get a ready-made canvas for your data. ArcGIS Online includes a variety of basemaps to give context and personality to your data. Basemaps are also available in vector for flexible styling and high-quality resolution. It’s easy to switch among them, giving everyone a customised viewing experience.

  • Satellite imagery
  • Streets
  • Land and oceans
  • Many more
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