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Share interactive maps privately with your groups or publicly with everyone

Man sharing data, maps, and apps with other users

Choose who sees your maps

Decide who can view the maps you create. Publicly share maps that drive awareness and action. Keep confidential maps private. You determine who sees your maps using the share settings in ArcGIS Online. Share maps with:

  • Just you—keep your maps private
  • Your groups—share maps with a specific group of users in ArcGIS Online
  • Your team—share maps with everyone in your ArcGIS Online organisation
  • The world—allow anyone, anywhere to see your maps

Integrate maps into your digital presence

Interactive maps are communications tools. They tell stories, share insights, and move people to ask questions. You can share your maps through a variety of channels, including embedding them in your website, social media posts, and blog articles.

Popular maps may have thousands of people simultaneously viewing them. Your maps will scale and perform consistently across devices.

Quickly create interactive web apps for a focused, engaging experience

Make it easy for everyone to engage with your maps on any device by sharing them as interactive web apps. ArcGIS Online includes dozens of apps that you can create in just a few clicks. Each app has a focused purpose to help you tell your story and keep viewers engaged.

Creatively build apps

Create unique web apps for your audience using preconfigured components or develop the apps yourself. Use the data, analysis, and maps you created in ArcGIS Online as the foundation of your apps.

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