Service Credits Overview

Each ArcGIS Online subscription includes a supply of shared service credits. The quantity of service credits is determined by the User Types within the organisation. Creator and GIS Professional each include 500 service credits. Field Worker and Editor each include 250 service credits. Additional service credits can be purchased at any time and are good for 24 months

What Requires Service Credits?

You can use service credits in exchange for storage, analytics, demographics and lifestyle maps. Use the chart below or visit our documentation page for more information.

How Many Service Credits Do You Need?

The chart below shows how many service credits you will need depending on the services you plan to use.

What Does Not Require Service Credits?

Most of what you do with ArcGIS Online does not require service credits, for example:

  • Accessing the data you store in ArcGIS Online in apps.
  • Using ArcGIS Online foundation maps and data (basemaps, Landsat imagery, landscape layers, live traffic, and other live feeds).
  • Exporting data stored in ArcGIS Online.
  • Performing single address or place search.
  • Leveraging your own ArcGIS Enterprise capabilities to host and publish map services.

Service Credits by Capability

Capability Service Credits Used
Feature Services Storage (excludes feature attachments) 2.4 credits per 10 MB stored based on hourly calculations of storage per month
Tile and Data Storage (map tiles, feature attachments, scene layer packages and documents) 1.2 credits per 1 GB stored per month
Geocoding 40 credits per 1,000 geocodes
Simple Routes 0.005 credits per simple route
Optimised Routes 0.5 credits per optimised route
Drive-Times (Service Areas) 0.5 credits per drive-time
Closest Facilities 0.5 credits per closest facilities route
Multi-Vehicle Routes (VRP) 1 credit per multi-vehicle route
Location/Allocation 0.1 credit per demand point route
Origin Destination Cost Matrix 0.0005 credits per input origin and destination pair
Spatial Analysis 1 credit per 1,000 features (queried for Find Existing Locations and Derive New Locations analysis tools)
Elevation Analysis 1 credit per 1,000 features
Demographic & Lifestyle Maps
Business Search 10 credits per 1,000 records
Demographic Maps and Layers 10 credits per 1,000 map requests (pan, zoom, and identify)
Data Enrichment 10 credits per 1,000 attributes (data variables multiplied by total feature records)
Infographic Views 10 credits per 1,000 views
Infographic Exports 10 credits per export (PDF and HTML)
Reports 10 credits per report
Tile Generation 1 credit per 10,000 tiles generated
Scene Layer Generation From Features 1 credit per 1,000 textured multipatch features. 1 credit per 5,000 untextured multipatch features or point features

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