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Can I add more User Types at any time? Or do I need to decide right now?

ArcGIS Online subscriptions have the flexibility to grow with you. Add more User Types at any time. 

What are typical job titles of each User Type?

Creators are typically: GIS Specialists, Asset Managers, or Data Journalists

Viewers are typically: Executive Officers, Managers, or Sales/Territory Manager

Editors are typically: Data Entry Clerks, GIS Technicians, or Data Quality Engineers

Field Workers are typically: Field Technicians, Maintenance Foremen, or Volunteers

GIS Professionals are typically: GIS Analyst/Managers, GeoDevelopers, or Cartographers

Can I add apps to User Types?

Yes, app bundles and premium apps can be added to certain User Types. You can explore add-on apps in ArcGIS Marketplace.

Why is the Creator foundational?

The Creator is foundational because it can administer the subscription. Every subscription requires at least one administrator to activate the subscription, customise the look and feel of the ArcGIS Online site, add members to the organisation, set up groups, allocate apps, and monitor. Learn more

What is an example subscription?

A commercial organisation has 20 Creators who visualise and analyse data to identify site locations, define sales territories, and assess store performance. 300 Editors add competitive pricing information, update sales maps, and gather customer information. 2,000 Viewers explore this information in maps and apps including the sales team and executives.

A local government has 6 Creators who make maps and apps four internal projects like inspections and four community awareness of situations like traffic or weather. 30 Field Workers, such as maintenance people, use the apps made by the Creators to complete inspections, update road conditions, and access project information. 5 Viewers access dashboards showcasing city information and project statues.

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