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The Challenge

Pipeline operators traditionally have had to use multiple desktop-only solutions on multiple, disparate systems to perform their linear referencing data management and analysis work. New and enhanced linear referencing capabilities now are available in the ArcGIS platform, a single modern GIS leveraging the latest web GIS technology that makes mapping accessible to all pipeline operator personnel.

Simplify LRS updates

Visualise and maintain a digital representation of your pipelines and associated data suitable for linear referencing purposes in ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides you with the capabilities you need to create a digital representation of your real-world pipeline and then modify it as it is altered through time. Rule-based location management allows you to define how event measures and route associations should react to changes in the LRS, keeping your business data aligned with pipeline network changes.

Edit across the Web

Extend the reach of your workflows across your organisation to include users without prior GIS software and application accessibility. Business data owners and groups throughout your organisation will be able to create and edit event data from a mapcentric experience within an HTML5-enabled web browser. With ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing, you can locate events in multiple ways, making it quicker and easier for data owners to input new information using the one most appropriate to their task. In addition, linear events spanning connected routes are directly supported.

Automate quality control

Benefit from a complete QA/QC system with tools in ArcGIS Data Reviewer for automated and visual review processes. You can use these tools to assess, document, correct, and verify the overall quality of your spatial data. The tools can be scheduled to run automatically and are configurable, so you can implement business rules specific to your organisation's needs.

Coordinate work throughout your organisation

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing comes with tools in ArcGIS Workflow Manager that provide visibility into day-to-day job status, allowing you to track where jobs are using standardised and streamlined workflows. A history of actions is automatically recorded for each job, providing a detailed account of how the job was completed.

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