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Locate Pipeline Assets & Events

Location is critical to almost every aspect of a pipeline operator’s business. The ability to know and communicate the exact location of any point or part of a pipeline and the events that happen on it is essential. Achieving this requires pipeline operators to manage and maintain a vast amount of information about their pipelines. ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides the GIS-based capabilities you need to effectively and efficiently perform pipeline linear referencing data management.

Integrate enterprise data

Often, the vast amount of information a pipeline operator deals with is diverse and distributed throughout the organisation in multiple, disparate systems, each with its own linear referencing system (LRS). The ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension makes it possible for pipeline operators to integrate data from multiple LRS networks, maintained with multiple measurement systems, to get a single, comprehensive view of their pipeline.

Leverage the ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is a modern web GIS platform. ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing adds new and enhanced industry-specific linear referencing data management functionality to the many other capabilities available in the ArcGIS platform. You can realise the synergistic benefits of its capabilities in combination with those of the underlying platform to work smarter across your organisation.

Use your choice of data models

Two industry data models that support the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing location model are Esri's Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM) and the PODS Lite data model from the PODS Association of which Esri is a member. In addition, ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing supports a flexible location model for linear referencing that allows you to create your own event data model.

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