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ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing is available as an extension to ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap and ArcGIS Enterprise.

System Requirements

Please see the ArcGIS Location Referencing system requirements for the minimum requirements for ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.

Training & Implementation Packages

Esri is working with early adopters of the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension, guiding them throughout the implementation process. If you need ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing implementation services and training, Esri offers many options, including:

  • APR Proof of Concept
  • Implementation and configuration support
  • APR Training Workshop
  • Hosting your APR system

Contact us to find out about training options.


Software & Services Providers

Our Esri partners have actively contributed to the specification, development, and testing of the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension. We encourage you to consider their software and services:


A complete and searchable directory is available at