ArcGIS Platform launch event

Watch the video for the ArcGIS Platform launch event, which includes presentations from Esri president Jack Dangermond and Esri staff.


Bring the power of maps and location services to your applications

Esri’s ArcGIS Platform delivers market-leading maps and location services to you as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Integrate location into your apps and business systems with maps and the most comprehensive, high-quality set of location services and data available. Develop with open source APIs and the web frameworks of your choice. Additionally, ArcGIS Platform offers a full range of SDKs, APIs, and low-code options that reduce time to market and promote creative design. It’s an affordable and open location-focused PaaS for software developers, businesses, and organizations that need to bring maps and location services into their products, solutions, and systems.

Intuitive developer experience

Get preferred mapping API and extensive resources.
High-quality location services

Access rich content and powerful capabilities.
Cost-effective, transparent pricing

Start for free and pay-as-you-go for services.


ArcGIS Platform offers a vast library of pre-styled maps for your applications, which you can also customise to meet your unique needs. These ready-to-use basemaps serve as the geographic foundation for your application.

Data hosting

Host your data securely in the ArcGIS Platform in your preferred format and create services to visualise, edit, and analyse your authoritative data.

Data visualisation

Utilise powerful data visualisation tools to see unique patterns and relationships. Using data-driven visualisations, you can create rich interactive 2D and 3D maps.

Geocoding and search

Search and display global addresses and place-names on a map and get accurate, reliable results.

Routing and directions

Find the quickest or shortest route based on time and distance, generate turn-by-turn directions, and perform intelligent network analysis with ready-to-use routing and directions.

Maps and data

Access a vast portfolio of global maps and data. Ready-to-use datasets include demographics; psychographic and business data; live feeds such as traffic and weather; places; movement data; and high quality imagery.

Spatial analytics

As the world leader in spatial technology, Esri offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help you understand your data. These tools work both client-side for highly interactive user experiences as well as server-side to help you scale with massive amounts of data.

Develop with mapping tools of your choice

Develop apps with a complete set of ArcGIS Platform APIs and SDKs or with a third-party open source API of your choice. In addition, receive a generous free tier to kick start your development, including 2 million map tiles per month and thousands of service requests for searching, routing, and storage to host your own content. 

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Salesforce and ArcGIS Platform

Salesforce Maps is built using Esri's basemaps, which help businesses analyse and visualise massive amounts of geographic and demographic data.