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ArcGIS Schematics

An extension for ArcMap and ArcGIS Enterprise

Understand your network at a glance

See a simplified view of your network for better operations management and faster decision making. With ArcGIS Schematics you can model, design, and view any kind of network, from social and economic networks to electric power, traffic light, rail, and more.

Generate diagrams automatically

ArcGIS Schematics lets you generate diagrams using:

  • GIS features organized into a geometric network or network dataset
  • XML data coming from external applications such as industry applications, ERPs, PLMs, or analysis packages
  • Queries on spatial or non-spatial data
  • Solved network analysis layers

Use the GIS & schematic views

Easily locate elements you see in the schematic representation by interacting with the GIS view of the same data. You can even edit a schematic feature without impacting the associated GIS features.

Switch between graphic representations

See the same set of network features in different graphical representations. Multiple graphical representations, such as logical and physical display, provide a better understanding of how a network is organised and help accelerate decision cycles.

Use standard ArcGIS symbology & labelling

Schematic diagrams are just another set of layers that are available in a map. You can use the ArcMap symbology and labelling engines directly on your diagrams. ArcGIS Schematics lets you save configurations so you can easily produce content for specific needs.

Create your own layouts

Use out-of-the-box schematic rules and API to develop your own custom layouts from scratch using a COM-compliant programming language. You can also use tools and commands to manually refine the content of your schematic diagram.You will provide additional value to your current workflow with open access to information and communication throughout the entire business process: planning, managing and executing.

Share your diagrams

ArcGIS Schematics is available as an extension to ArcGIS for Server, so you can publish your diagrams and then expose them to others. Also, developers can get the Schematics extension for ArcGIS Engine and add Schematics to their own custom GIS apps.

Share your work on the web

Improve productivity and increase data analysis capacity of your organisation by sharing your schematics tools and models in repeatable enterprise applications. ArcGIS Schematics for Server is included with ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced and ArcGIS Enterprise Standard.