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Symbolise your maps based on time

Temporal Symbology gives you tools to customise how time events are visually rendered to enhance communication value.

  • The time window sets the interval of data to be rendered.
  • Point symbols can be modified by colour, symbol and size, based on age of data and user preferences. Line and polygon symbols can be modified by colour.
  • Track lines can be drawn to connect observations belonging to the same object.
  • Within a track, the current position of an object can be rendered using different symbology.
Define rules

Actions allow you to define rules for processing incoming real-time and recorded data. You can set selection criteria or filters, for which data will be stored and rendered. Actions can be triggered based on attribute and spatial criteria to:

  • Filter data
  • Temporarily hide data
  • Highlight specific features
  • Create custom selections

Replay events at various speeds

With the Playback Manager toolbar, you can replay events at different speeds.

  • View past data, tracking past movement up to the current position.
  • Rewind, pause, fast-forward or play data backward and forward at any user-defined speed.
  • Loop or cyclically repeat, playback data.
  • Set the playback interval based on one or several data layers.

Add charts & graphs to your map

Charting gives you the option to view data in different graphic forms.

Visualise and analyse data using charts to supplement renderings. For instance, a temporal data clock allows you to visualise data in clock form to search for patterns.