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ArcGIS Velocity

ArcGIS Velocity

Harness the full potential of IoT

ArcGIS Velocity, the real-time and big data capability in ArcGIS Online, enables users to ingest, visualise, and analyse spatial real-time and big data to gain new insights and make informed decisions. Explore your streaming Internet of Things (IoT) data on maps and dashboards, identify temporal patterns, and extract location-based intelligence. 

Get real-time and big data analytics

Integrate real-time data

Connect to a variety of sensor types by configuring a feed that can be quickly used as a live map layer. Integrate streaming data with historical data via stream layers and feature layers to better understand change in a system over time.

Monitor critical assets

Get precise locations and insights on all of your assets for 24/7 visibility. Track dynamic assets that are constantly changing location, such as vehicles, aircraft, and vessels, and stationary assets, such as weather and environmental monitoring sensors.

Unlock spatial insights

Make more informed decisions with IoT spatial intelligence analysis. Access a range of powerful real-time and big data tools to analyse information from a variety of data feeds and sources. Leverage a visual analytic model builder that enables you to design complex analysis and automate workflows, saving time and effort.

Trigger alerts

Act on events of interest including storage, alerting, and actuation. Display and share your findings to others in your organisation with the help of dashboards. Gain operational, tactical, and strategic efficiencies that save time and money.

Work in the cloud

Get started quickly with no configuration with a SaaS model. Take advantage of distributed computing. Get real-time and big data capabilities as a service and perform analytics at a massive scale.

How it works


Connect to real-time, streaming IoT data from multiple feeds and visualise directly in maps.


Speed up your analysis and get answers faster when you set up analytical models in the cloud.

Alert and actuate

Take action with your analyses. Share the results and alert stakeholders when it matters.

ArcGIS Velocity is fully integrated with ArcGIS

ArcGIS Velocity, the real-time and big data capability in ArcGIS Online, integrates with ArcGIS and connects to all your ArcGIS data as well as data from other sources.

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