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ArcGIS Workflow Manager is an easy-to-use, scalable enterprise system that automates and simplifies GIS and non-GIS work. Its tools help you manage people, processes, software and data products in real time through standardisation, centralisation and repeatability, allowing you to improve production efficiencies and save resources.


Effectively add a spatial aspect to your workflows
Application integration

Integrate GIS & business apps in one place

Manage work across small groups or global offices

Standardise & centralise project information
Geospatial data management

Automate versioning, geoprocessing & archiving
Communication & reporting

Get or send alerts. Provide real-time work status

Who uses Workflow Manager?

Easy-to-use, scalable enterprise system automates and simplifies management of GIS and non-GIS work

ArcGIS Workflow Manager simplifies management of GIS and non-GIS work

Part of the ArcGIS platform

Workflow Manager extends the ArcGIS platform by providing tools for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Pro

Manage work and data processes

Load standardised map templates

Repoint map layers to current version

Load ArcGIS Pro Tasks

Restrict users outside set location

ArcGIS Enterprise

Visualise & monitor progress

Manage & run non-mapping steps

Create reporting dashboards