There's a configurable app for that!

Create and publish web apps quickly (no coding required)

Do you need an easy way to communicate with your audience and share your stories? Configurable apps are the fastest and easiest way to go from a map to a shareable app.

Choose from a variety of apps

There are many configurable apps to choose from depending on your audience’s needs, what you need the app to do, and how you need it to look. Start with these two questions: Who is going to use my app? What are the key points I want them to take away from the experience?

Each configurable app offers something different, including:

  • unique layouts and colour schemes
  • various editing options and tool choices
  • options for social media feeds
  • side-by-side map viewers
  • storytelling capabilities
Your work is done in six simple steps
Build maps, scenes, or groups
Assemble content
Choose configurable app or builder
Pick type of app

Share your app

Sharing your app with others is easy. Your app can be hosted on ArcGIS Online, it can reside on your organisation’s servers, or you can use third-party resources like Amazon.

Get Started

Configurable apps are included with ArcGIS. To unlock the full capabilities of configurable apps, you'll need an ArcGIS organizational account.

Don't have one? Sign up for a free trial.