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Data Appliance for ArcGIS enables you to create, publish and share map services with colleagues securely behind your firewall. It connects directly into your internal network and comes preloaded with terabytes of global basemaps and reference layers.

Data Appliance for ArcGIS is a content solution that consists of hardware and data and is designed to run with ArcGIS for Server software.

Build Critical GIS Applications Right Away

Data Appliance for ArcGIS gives you cartographically rich mapping content and basic tasks you need to start building critical GIS applications right away. Terabytes of rich, ready-to-use world maps such as imagery, street maps, topographic maps, shaded relief, elevations and more are available.

Build Critical GIS Applications Right Away

Secure Your Data & Services

Serve and store your data and services securely behind your firewall. Because these custom services and data are open and interoperable, people across your organisation can use them.

Secure Your Data and Services

Publish & Share

You can publish data immediately to support workflows behind your firewall and share the content across your organisation. For specialised analysis and visualisation, you can build custom services that you can save and share. You can also integrate other data into the maps on Data Appliance for ArcGIS.

Publish and Share

What do you get with the Data Appliance for ArcGIS?

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