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Insights for ArcGIS is a web-based, data analytics workbench where you can explore spatial and nonspatial data, answer questions you didn't know to ask and quickly deliver powerful results.

Save time and find quick answers

Quickly discover the secrets your data holds. Work with maps, charts and tables. Apply advanced algorithmic spatial analysis with a simple drag and drop. Tell your story like never before. 

Valuable insight in less time

Work in an environment where visualisation and analysis happen at the same time. Simply drag and drop your data, then analyse and refine. Ask questions, get answers and keep going. Insights for ArcGIS uses guided workflows to make it easy for anyone to solve spatial problems.

Answer a new set of questions

Not all questions are spatial in nature. Insights for ArcGIS empowers you to make better decisions using all your data. You can integrate and analyse spatial and tabular data for contextual analysis from your enterprise databases, ArcGIS data, geodatabases, Excel spreadsheets and ArcGIS demographic data.

Always tell your best story

Insights for ArcGIS intelligently records your analysis workflow so you and others can run it again to solve other problems. Easily publish analysis results within your organisation or make it publicly accessible if you choose.

How Insights for ArcGIS works

1. Bring in your data.

Connect to enterprise databases. Drag and drop your data onto a page. Visualise data on cards as maps, charts and tables to unlock endless possibilities for analysis and data exploration.

2. Apply spatial thinking.

Leverage familiar GIS tools for summarisation, aggregation, statistics, analysis and more, via the action button. Or perform a simple drag and drop to bring in your data onto another map card.

3. Show your work.

Clearly communicate how you arrived at your conclusion. Share a step-by-step model of your analysis or detail the final results of a workbook internally or externally.


Operational insights increase revenue

Opelika Utilities identified hundreds of dead meters and enough water loss to merit a net gain of $25,000 per month in revenue.

Go far with ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS leverages the power of the ArcGIS platform to offer you flexible implementation and deployment options. It gives you the means to boost your analysis and the ability to share your results more broadly.

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