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Insights for ArcGIS is a web-based, data analytics workbench where you can analyse all dimensions of your SAP HANA data, answer questions you didn't know to ask and quickly deliver powerful results.

Reveal hidden patterns in your SAP HANA data

Discover patterns never before seen in your data – gain the perspective of “where”. Use interactive maps, charts and tables. Apply advanced location analytics with a simple drag and drop. Analyse your data knowing it is mapped accurately and examined in the right context.

Enrich your data

Derive actionable analytics using ready-to-use maps and data from ArcGIS. Enrich your data with information from Esri® Demographics, containing over 40,000 variables on demographics, spending, and business topics, for over 130 countries. Gain a deeper understanding of your data and create better predictive models.

Drag-and-drop location analytics

Use workflow-driven tools built for location, instead of complex and time-consuming workarounds. Map location values accurately every time. Display SAP HANA standard tables that show the results of machine learning or predictive algorithms. Analyse “How is it related?”, “What’s nearby?”, “How has it changed?” and more – with the power of location. 

Share results and models

Insights intelligently records your analysis workflow so you and others can run it again using different datasets. Easily publish analysis results within your ArcGIS organisation or publicly if you choose.

How ArcGIS Insights works

Mapping software highlighting dashboard widgets

1. Bring in your data

Connect to your SAP HANA databases to drag and drop your data directly onto a page. Visualise data on cards as maps, charts and tables.

2. Find answers

Insights uses advanced tools to organise your analytical activity based on questions involving mapping, spatial analysis and other visualisations.

3. Show your work

Clearly communicate how you arrived at your conclusion. Share a step-by-step model of your analysis or workbook results, internally or externally.